Your full name
Mailing address
Telephone number with area code
What type of dwelling do you reside in?
Number of adults in your home?
Number of children under the age of 12 in your home?
Does anyone in your home have allergies to dogs? Yes
Is everyone in your family committed to owning, loving, training an Irish Setter? Yes
Who will be the primary caregiver of your Irish Setter?
Have you owned an Irish Setter before? Yes
If you answered yes to the previous question, what happened to your Irish Setter?
What timeframe are you looking to purchase a puppy?
What sex are you interested in purchasing? Male
If that sex is not available, would you be interested in the other Yes
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes
If No, how to do plan on exercising your dog?
If yes, what type of fence and how tall is it?
How much exercise will the dog receive?
Where will the dog live?
Do you currently own any other animals? If so, what type?
Are you opposed to crate training? Yes
How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?
Where will the dog be kept when no one is home?
Where will the dog sleep at night?
What would you do with the dog if you find you are unable to keep it
Have you ever given up an animal to a shelter or rescue group? Yes
Are you interested in a puppy for?
Do you plan on taking your new puppy to obedience class? Yes
Will you be spaying or neutering your dog? Yes
Is everyone in your family committed to owning, grooming, and training your new puppy? Yes
Are you familiar with the Irish Setters characteristics? Yes
How much time per week do you plan on spending grooming and training your new puppy?
Are you willing to follow the Health guidelines supplied by Seafarer Irish Setters? Yes
Are you willing to stay in contact with Seafarer Kennels for the life of the dog to provide updates? Yes
Please provide 2 references with one of them being from your veterinarian
How do you plan on picking up your new puppy?
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